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24 Vintage Christmas Sewing Patterns (Plus a Chinese Christmas Dinner)

We've gathered some more seasonal nostalgia in the form of old holiday sewing patterns. How many do you recognize? Do any make you chuckle? Full names of the patterns are provided so that you can locate them on eBay or Etsy if desired.

If a pattern below interests you, use your preferred search engine to type in the full name (or copy/paste) as listed below. For example, if seeking the first pattern, you would search for 1936 McCall's 422 Santa Claus Costume.

1936 McCall's 422 Santa Claus Costume

Is it just me, or do Santa's red boots on the left look like something from Frederick's of Hollywood?

1953 McCall's Christmas Stockings and Mailbag Boot

What child wouldn't enjoy a personalized stocking to hang by the chimney with care?

1953 Simplicity 1803 Sock-Full-of-Gifts

A clever bundle that allows you to create a stocking and the gifts to fill it for a deserving little girl.

1954 McCall's 1890 Men's Santa Claus & Chinese Costumes

... because nothing goes together better than Santa and a fellow with chopsticks.

(1950s) Butterick 6246 Costumes

Yep. Another pattern set that includes Santa and a Chinese costume.

1956 Simplicity 1801 Sock-Full-of-Gifts

This time the "Sock-Full-of-Gifts" is for the man in your life. Nothing says "Dad" like a cigarette and a pipe on his stocking.

1957 Simplicity 2327 Transfer Pattern For Christmas Stockings

Includes two 11" stocking patterns, two 13.5" patterns, and two 17" patterns. Be certain to provide your favorite family members with the largest stockings stuffed with gifts - that will send a clear message to everyone else on Christmas morning.

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1958 McCall's 2264 Two Holiday Aprons , Bib, and Potholder

While the idea of Mom, Dad, and their child sharing this look at Christmas might seem dated, I can easily imagine my own three-year-old finding this very fun.

1958 McCall's 2276 Nine Christmas Novelties and Complete Alphabet

These patterns have a unique styling we associate with the 1950s.

1958 McCall's 2177 Christmas Trimming Motifs and Stockings

From the Nativity to Santa, Angels to Snowmen...

McCall's 2351 Christmas Stockings and Big Boot

These stocking shapes provide an unconventional flair.

1959 McCall's 2343 Christmas Novelties

All nice items, but the unique triangular Santa on the table runner is my favorite.

1960 McCall's 2411 Christmas Stockings, Container, and Toy Bag

It would take many lumps of coal to fill that toy bag!

1960s Advance Appliques and Decorations

Such a perky little Christmas tree!

1967 McCall's 8988 Christmas Trims

A whimsical Santa and pleasingly quirky designs from the 60's mod era.

1972 Butterick 6399 Santa Costume

Yes. Another costume set that combines Santa with a traditional if not stereotyped Chinese costume. At this point, all I can think about is the scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie's family eats their holiday dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Speaking of dinner, it looks like Santa has been missing some meals.


But I digress. Back to the patterns...

1977 Simplicity 8229 Ornaments

Timeless tree ornaments.

1978 McCall's 6320 Christmas Super Pack

A unique bundle... from angels to ornaments to baskets.

1981 McCall's 7650 Christmas Decoration Package

While most vintage sewing machine (VSM) collectors would agree that pre-1970s machines qualify most accurately as "vintage" due to their all-metal mechanical components, those of us who remember the 1980s have to accept that items 30 years old are most certainly "vintage" by a broader definition.

1982 McCall's 8199 Costumes

These Christmas tree costumes and the snowman remind me of something from a drug-addled New York rave. (Pairs well with our article Old Sewing Machine Ads are Creepy.)

1982 Simplicity 5635 Felt Christmas Ornaments, Tree Centerpiece and Cardholder

Something a bit more traditional from the early 80s. I like the toy soldier.

1983 Simplicity 6099 Christmas Accessories

Very traditional, and some items have a pieced "quilt top" effect.

1983 Simplicity 6140 Mrs. Clause Apron & Christmas Decor Sleigh Sewing Pattern

Mrs. Claus looked very young in 1983.

1988 Simplicty 8772 Christmas Apron, Chair Cushion & Cover, Tablecloths, Napkins

Those folding chair covers are worth the price - I can cope with those. But the apron looks like something from The Christmas Matrix.


economom said...

Loved the travel through time, especially seeing how the prices escalated!

Still Stitching said...

economom, thanks for reading and happy holidays!

JustGail said...

These are a hoot! I just got 1956 Simplicity 1801 out of the bin at Half Price Books. I started giggling when I saw it, and it still makes me smile. Not that I'll make it, but if I ever do a sewing theme holiday tree or display, I've got a good start.

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