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Singer Featherweight - Cheap & Easy Drip Pan Felt Replacement

If your Featherweight could benefit from a new drip pan felt, here’s a $2 solution.

(Profile) Grant Gray: VSM Restoration Specialist & Collector

Grant Gray refurbishes sewing machines at Sew Restored in Brookfield, Illinois.

Grant Gray was always a "gear head," ready to fix almost anything mechanical. When a stroke impacted his life, he was unable to work. His doctor told him to do some puzzles as therapy, so Grant disassembled a sewing machine and then put it back together.

Vittorio Necchi and His Italian Sewing Machines

When Vittorio Necchi's wife asked him for a sewing machine, Necchi wasn't content to just buy her one. The long-term results were some of the finest sewing machines of the all-metal era, award-winning designs, and considerable impact to the global market.

The Man Who Brought Necchi, Elna & Nelco to America: Leon Jolson

An Elna 1 Grasshopper and a Necchi Supernova, superimposed with an image of Leon Jolson.

Even though they are European brands, Necchi and Elna shared a critical role in a unique and inspiring American tale. It's a story of survival, wisdom, tenacity, and success. Thanks in part to these two brands, Leon Jolson achieved the American Dream.

The Torture of the Treadle Sewing Machine

Thousands of women killed by treadles. This was the claim made by the Brosius Sewing Machine and Motor Company in 1893. Originally from Chicago, the company was newly formed with a $2,000,000 capital investment (equal to about $56,000,000 today), and had set out to make the manual treadle obsolete with its spring-driven motorized alternative.

The Colorful 1923 Singer Sewing Library and the Electrified 101

Beginning in 1923,  the Singer Company offered a series of four books in their Singer Sewing Library. The covers of these books, each 48 or more pages in length, featured colorful illustrations.

(21 Images) Wheeler & Wilson Was a Marketing Powerhouse!

While Wheeler & Wilson were known, for a time, for making the arguably finest sewing machines in America, their marketing gurus were especially clever, even foreshadowing our own social-media-driven 21st Century strategies.

What We Do at Still Stitching:

Our Film

  • We produced the only feature-length documentary on vintage sewing machines. Still Stitching has delighted thousands of viewers and urged the expansion of many collections. Many viewers tell us they watch it repeatedly. Ladies tell us that the film helped draw their husbands into their passion for vintage machines.

Custom Paint and Restoration

  • We are fortunate to assist many clients with procurement, high-end restoration, and custom painting of vintage sewing machines. While Singer 221 Featherweights are the most frequently painted model, we paint many other models such as the Singer 15, 66, 99, 201, and 301. We also refinish cabinets, treadle irons, and vintage sewing machine cases. Interested in our services? Contact us!


  • We are available for presentations to guilds and other groups interested in vintage sewing machines. Our focus is historical education. Rates are reasonable. Contact us for more information.

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