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An Open Letter to Our Clients from James

Dear Friend,

Hopefully if you are reading this you are already a client on our waiting list, because this information is for you. 😀

I'm James, presently the only painter at Still Stitching. I have tremendous news. We are welcoming another painter to our shop! Martin has 40 years of experience in automotive reconditioning and painting. He is a master with his spray gun, and he taught me quite a bit in bygone years. He is literally my best friend from childhood - can you imagine how excited I am to welcome him to the Still Stitching family? I'm ecstatic, and I think you should be as well. Here's why:

The past few years have been challenging for Brenda and me. I really cannot begin to tell you the obstacles we have faced and overcome in recent years. The conclusion that is important to us is that our family is healthy, our shop is finally running smoothly again, and I'm working like mad; but I'd ask you to understand a little more about us.

I retired from a technical field and sold a company in 2011. Since then I've had the amazing privilege to choose my projects - this has included documentary films, website development, and other irons in the fire. As one individual painting (with help in my shop, but no other painter), any curveballs served up by life impact our painting schedule significantly. I'd ask our waiting clients to understand that I do this work out of a passion for history and these amazing vintage machines. I humbly submit that it isn't necessary to my family that I do this work. It's a labor of love, and it has always been heavy on my heart when I can't keep the machines moving. I know how much our clients look forward to a custom machine, and both Brenda and I get tremendous joy from this work. It feels like we're putting something good into the world.

So today my message to you is that with a second painter, Martin, joining us, our painting schedule will improve significantly.

If you've been waiting - patiently or impatiently - please trust that we appreciate you and we truly want you to have your dream machine. You are probably reading this because Brenda has reached out to you with an update. I'm glad you are on our list!

If you've stumbled upon this information and are not yet on our list, you are welcome to reach us. Facebook is a great way to start the process: - unfortunately, I must tell you that the list is very long, but we do offer a premium service level. Ask Brenda for details when you reach her on Facebook.


Brenda and James Wolfensberger

What We Do at Still Stitching:

Our Film

  • We produced the only feature-length documentary on vintage sewing machines. Still Stitching has delighted thousands of viewers and urged the expansion of many collections. Many viewers tell us they watch it repeatedly. Ladies tell us that the film helped draw their husbands into their passion for vintage machines.

Custom Paint and Restoration

  • We are fortunate to assist many clients with procurement, high-end restoration, and custom painting of vintage sewing machines. While Singer 221 Featherweights are the most frequently painted model, we paint many other models such as the Singer 15, 66, 99, 201, and 301. We also refinish cabinets, treadle irons, and vintage sewing machine cases. Interested in our services? Contact us!


  • We are available for presentations to guilds and other groups interested in vintage sewing machines. Our focus is historical education. Contact us for more information.

Share Our Passion

  • We publish articles related to vintage sewing machines on this site, but for abundant photos and information, follow our Facebook Page. You can also subscribe to this blog.