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Suggest a VSM For Our Coloring Book and Win a Free Copy

We're publishing a vintage sewing machine coloring book, and we'd like readers to suggest machines that are special to them for each letter of the alphabet.

Receive a Free Copy of the Coloring Book

If we accept your suggestion (and you're the first to make that suggestion), you'll get a free copy of the coloring book when it is published! One suggestion per person.

Using the Letters of the Alphabet

A letter can be represented by the brand name, model name, or a commonly known nickname for a given machine. Regarding a nickname, the Elna 1 "Grasshopper" is an example. Below you'll see a list of the thus-far planned machines. Some have already been illustrated.

If a letter is already taken, you are still welcome to suggest a machine for that letter, just in case we can fit it in.

Please read the guidelines below.

We began our "alphabet" concept with the coveted pink Atlas.

Guidelines for Suggesting a Machine

To suggest a machine, you should have a personal connection to the machine. What makes that model special to you? Your story is part of what may qualify a machine for inclusion in the coloring book.

You must provide a photograph of your machine at a side angle to be illustrated like the pink Royal you see above. The image should be high resolution. Googled images that do not belong to you may disqualify your suggestion. We're able to verify images using Google's uploaded image matching feature.

Because a coloring book suggests "colorful," we will be limiting the classic black machines that we use, and emphasizing colorful machines and models with interesting decals or features. A Singer 201 would not be a good suggestion, for example. (We'll be including a few classic black Singers under the letter S.)

To suggest a machine, email us with your personal story and photograph(s). You'll have to type this email address in accurately. If you use the Contact page to reach us, our first correspondence will be to request your photo of your machine.

To read more about our coloring book, read the article A to Z: Vintage Sewing Machine Coloring Book.

Selected Machines

Letter Brand or Model Suggested By
A Atlas
B Bel-Air 620
E Elna 1 Grasshopper
GGimbels Donna Williams
H Homestead (15-90 clone)  Pam Kottke
L Leaders
M Morse
P Pacesetter (Brother) Cari Pease
R Royal Kathie Williams Ingald
S Singer will feature up to 5 models, including the 221 Featherweight, a 66-16, 226, and a 404. Will McCann (66), Brenda Wolfensberger (404), Mary Wingate (99 in cabinet), Teena Sorrell (226).
W White Bronze Embossed Rotary


Marilin said...

Singer 185. The original Little Green Machine.

Rose Orr said...

How about the White Rotary for W? I don't think I have a picture of mine, but I'll take one when I get downstairs...

debbie m said...

Lady do I post a photo?
Can’t wait to see the finished coloring book!
Deb Milton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Still Stitching said...

We appreciate the suggestions here in the comments, but as we explained in the article, we ask that you email us with your personal story and photograph(s). The book will be more than just a coloring book. It will include some history and personal stories. The email address is provided above, or you can PM us on our Facebook page at

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