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Hey, Where's My Thread Emoji?

As of July, 2018, we were supposed to get a thread emoji. In this era of divisiveness and uncertainty, this might seem pretty trivial, but I beg to differ.

Emojis are clearly one of the small joys of life for many, and a thread emoji would just - well - feel good, would it not?

The thread emoji is supposed to look like these across different apps.
I've noticed that the sewing world, and by extension the vintage sewing machine enthusiasts' community, certainly tips rather conservative overall. It's easy to understand why, I think, and that's just simple objectivity. Sewing ties us to the past, and to tradition, in a meaningful way, and most of us who love the heirloom quality of vintage machines certainly have an appreciation for a bygone era. While the quilting demographic continues to grow youthful, the fact is that it remains largely populated by ladies middle-aged and older.

Now, I'm not advocating for a particular political slant. Honest. I just want my thread emoji.

Still, with drums pounded relentlessy from both the left and the right, ala MSNBC and FOX, I can't help but wonder; could this be a vast left-wing conspiracy, intended to undermine the largely conservative group of quilters, sewists, and VSM enthusiasts? Mwhahaha... only the elite knows what's good for you, and a thread emoji just won't do!

Or is this subversion from the right, a reminder that a new emoji represents change, and change ain't gonna make America great again. Conventional thinking would suggest that a thread emoji is far more likely to be utilized by women, and some of those gals have been really stirring the pot lately. Those weird pink hats aren't knitting themselves.

I'm off the rails.

I've jumped the shark tank.

I just want my thread emoji!

So far, the only place I can invoke it is on Twitter, a platform I find useless since I'm not concerned with celebrities or incendiary political tweets. I don't even have the app on my phone! I just logged into my web account and jammed the code into a tweet and it worked.

Twitter supports the thread emoji.
I can't find the thread emoji on my phone, none of my preferred web browsers display it. Facebook and Instagram don't support it yet, either. Neither my Thunderbird email client nor good ol' Gmail support it.

I'm sending this angry note to Google. Seriously. Grrr.
I don't know much about how these things work. I took a look at this really official looking document and got a headache. I just want my thread emoji. How does a platform, a website, an application invoke "support" for our languishing thread emoji? It must be programming. Somebody at Facebook needs to worry a little less about protecting us from Russian interference and just get me my damn thread emoji.

As of this writing, the 2018 midterm elections are approaching fast. Regardless of party or ideology, let's all band together and demand our thread emoji. We need a common cause we can agree on.

Image credit: "I'm Old Spool" is a T-shirt available on Amazon. It is not a Still Stitching product.

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